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Prices for 2017

Custom Tractor Work Travel Fees May Apply Depending on Location
Rototilling: Gardens, Lawns, Fields$65 per hour  
General Tractor Work$65 per hour$150 minimum
Field Mowing (6' Brush Hog)      $65 per hour$150 minimum
Garden, Yard & Pasture Rototilling        $65 per hour 
Garden TillingStarting at $125   
Pasture Drag & Leveling    $65 per hour$150 minimum
Plow / Disc / Harrow / Till$75 per hourLarger Jobs By Bid
Field and Pasture Care   call Ron for custom pricing call or text: Ron 503.347.3213

 Driveway Renewal  
 Driveway Renovation     $65 per hourPlus Cost of Gravel
 Animal Transport and Purchase
 Animal Transportation $75      Plus $2 per mile
 Animal Purchase Fee $50 Plus Transportation Fee $2 per mile
 Carpenter's Corner Beef  
Grassfed Locker Beef  
Buying in Bulk makes the "per pound" cost ideal       taking orders NOW
 $3.70lb (hanging)  Plus Slaughter, Cut & Wrap paid to Sharp's
You can expect to pay $550 to $700 for a quarter.
 USDA Inspected By the Package out of our FREEZER
You pay a little more this way. 
 Prices vary by the Cut     A combination pack will allow you to sample Ground Beef and Steak for $100 visit:  www.carpenterscornerbeef.com
 Hay for Sale (seasonally)  
 Premium Orchard Grass, Local Grass, etc. Prices Vary Text Ron at 503.347.3213 for price and availability


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